A. R. K. Sunday School

ARK-ART“Awesome Rotating Kids” – Rotation Sunday School for children of all ages ~ 9:45 a.m.

Offers Bible Study enhanced by hands-on activities in music, drama, arts and crafts!

The A.R.K. is a hands-on, interactive rotation Sunday School for children ages Kindergarten through 6th grade,  where they can hear learn about Jesus by hearing about him in the Bible tent room, and also by creating art projects, cooking, singing, and acting out Bible stories in person or with puppets..  There is also a class for preschool children, and Junior and Senior high youth. 

Current Activities of the A.R.K.:

THE A.R.K. will continue in the fall – watch this page for dates and details.  Several activities for children and youth are planned for the summer, so check here and in our weekly bulletins for news about upcoming events.  Enjoy the summer!